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LACoFD’s goal is to graduate firefighters who can safely and efficiently meet the physical demands of the Department’s mission throughout the lifetime of their careers. Our fitness requirements are based on the scientific studies of Gledhill & Jamnik, who published their findings in their 1992 report “Characterization of the Physical Demands of Firefighting.” In our recruit academy, the training cadre works on improving each recruit’s muscular strength, power, and endurance. Each physical task progresses in intensity to condition recruits’ core strength, flexibility, and functional capacity. The result: Firefighters physically ready to safely carry out their duties over 30+ years.

Below is a video explaining our Beep test as well as a few exercises candidates can incorporate into their own physical fitness training program to get where they need to be to successfully and safely complete our academy.

Beep Test


Knees to Elbow

Bear Crawl

Pull Ups


Leg Lifts

Push Ups

Russian Twist

Sit Ups/Curl Ups

Step Ups

Walking Lunges

Air Squats





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