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High-rise building incidents pose a unique set of challenges to firefighters, including safe evacuation of victims, stretching hose line across multiple floors, and navigating a complex building layout. Initial size up is a crucial first step in effectively managing these types of emergencies. In this video, Fire Station 8 personnel demonstrate standard size up tactics in a high-rise incident that will lay the foundation for an overall successful firefighting operation.


In this video, Fire Fighter Steven Chavez gives a brief overview of the Department’s new Multi-Casualty Incident Chest Packs. These innovative hands-free trauma bags contain all the medical equipment needed for our EMTs and Paramedics to rapidly treat victims suffering from any number of injuries at the scene of a multi-casualty incident. Through these MCI chest packs, our first responders will have the critical tools at the right place and the right time to improve the chance of survival for victims of any man-made or natural disasters.


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